Propagandhi Public License

In the spirit of the GNU General Public License, here's the "Propagandhi Public License". (All apologies to Propaghandi)

Absolutely all shit to do with Propagandhi, Inc., its' conglomerates or subsidiaries, is absolutely anti-copyright.1993... How the fuck can you stake a claim of ownership to intangible patterns of sound?! Duplicate, imitate, replicate, eradicate, masterbate, Merciful Fate (for non-profit, non-fascistic purposes) at will, shitface. We don't give a crap. However, Mike/Fat Wreck Chords paid for this recording, and subsequently "owns" the "rights" (whatever the fuck that means) to it, so he may very well have a different point of veiw regarding this issue, and will likely reserve the right to sue the dingleberries out of your bum. Whatever. All mistakes, fuck-ups, production flaws and tuning discrepencies are on purpose and are furthermore copyright 1993 Who Gives A Fuck? Productions. Ha.