Case of the missing "WIZARDS" Sweatshirt

The story

November 9th, 2000, I made a very serious mistake.

Upon entering Club Orchid I removed my favorite gray-hooded "Wizards Memphis, Tennessee" sweatshirt (photos below) and left it by the window near the bar upstairs. For the next two and a half hours I danced downstairs while Justin Long spun. At the end of the night (approximately 1:19 AM Friday, November 10th) I went upstairs to retrieve my sweatshirt.

It was not where I left it.

My plea to you

Please contact me via email or phone (773-528-9854) immediately if you can provide any information regarding the whereabouts of this garment.

Alternately, the sweatshirt can be dropped of or sent to

2145 W. Fletcher
Apt. 3
Chicago, IL 60647



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