Here are some .mp3 (no wav) sound clips from The Streetfighter starring Sonny Chiba.

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Parent Directory - Get rid of all the punks.mp3 12-Oct-2003 20:15 28K Hooo-accck-akkk.mp3 12-Oct-2003 20:15 44K I hate punks worse than anything.mp3 12-Oct-2003 20:15 8.2K So I want to join your side.mp3 12-Oct-2003 20:16 12K Tell that bitch who sent you.mp3 12-Oct-2003 20:16 18K That hurts.mp3 12-Oct-2003 20:16 9.2K That's a load of sookie-akie.mp3 12-Oct-2003 20:16 11K HEADER.html 12-Oct-2003 20:20 620 README.html 12-Oct-2003 20:20 24