This page contains more information about the UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator


The UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator is a simple utility for converting the text class schedule e-mailed out by the U of I Direct system into a pretty web page which can be saved for posting to personal webspace or printed out.


Graphical layout
The color-coded graphical layout makes it easy to view class times for the entire week at a glance.
Links to releveant web page
The generated schedule contains links to both the timetable descriptions of the classes listed and a map displaying the location of each building the classes meet in. Also includes links to the UIUC phonebook entry of the schedule owner and the UIUC homepage.
Schedule statistics
The UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator reports a number of simple statistics based on the input schedule including: credit hours, class hours and efficiency (credit hours per class hour)


No information entered into the forms of the UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator is copied to or recorded by any computer other than the temporary memory and disk cache of the user agent (e.g. web browser) used to access the page.


The UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator was developed on Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Preview Release 2, but has shown moderate success on Mozilla (M14 or later). It's possible the UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator may work on other browsers, but this has not been tested.


No support for the use of the UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator is provided outside the content of these web pages.

Known Issues

Version History

0.8 - 01 May 2000


Future Plans

Better name
In additon to being generally lame sounding, "UIUC Graphical Class Schedule Generator" is just too damn long. Hopefully, I'll come up with (or someone will kindly suggest) some kind of clever play-on-words recursive acronym or something.
Standard complicance
Ideally, I could get the generated page to be valid HTML or XML and comply to the CSS and DOM specifications. If I can find any kind of (preferabbly XML based) calendaring standard, I'd like to implement that so people can add their classes directly to their personal calendars.
Reformat source code
I'd like to reformat/rewrite the source using good coding practices so that it's easier for myself and others (if they're so inclined) to edit.
Better exception handling
I've got a strong feeling the relatively vanilla schedules I've tested the generator with aren't representative of all the various oddball schedules out there. My roomate suggested what sounded like a pretty good technique for tolerating more variance in the positioning of input based by looking for the location of "CLASS SCHEDULE" in the input. This would eliminate the need for the exact character precision needed when pasting the text in presently.
Intelligent day start and end times
Currently the generator displays a schedule which starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 6:00 PM. I'd like to change the code so the output schedule starts with the hour of the earliest class and ends with the hour of the latest class.
Display current time and class
I think it might be a useful feature to output what class the schedule owner is currently in based on the local time. This might be a bit of a trick to implement though.

Bug Reports

Praise, criticism, bug reports, feature requests and unsolicited cash donations may all be directed toward nick@wiseup.org . No guarantee of reply is made, but I will read all correspondence.