jacket in hand my tie so loose
i grace the dance floor with my spit-shine shoes
from harlingen to san marcos
hijas conmigo puro amor

my name reached fame on the ladies stalls
crashing quinceaneras at the kc halls
after the dollar dance we slip out the back door
hijas conmigo puro amor

in the communion line i flash my smile
dicen mira el chulito crocodile
from el paso to the corpus shore
hijas conmigo puro amor

alvaro and steve got nothing on joel and me
munecas beggin me for more

everyone thinks i came for the free lone star
the priest thinks i came to mess with his car
all the abuelitas know what i came for
hijas conmigo puro amor


garance - yes just like the flower
i've got a lonely message for you
the marionette's in the ballroom laughing
baptiste the clown

up in the gods now they're laughing
garance has a heart like a vase
the man has fingers like flowers blooming
baptiste the clown

humming this tune that i just heard
a melody i barely know
a song for the children of paradise
baptiste the clown
asks himself who am i

ah don't sing only half the song
ah can't you hear us sing along
yawning words waiting
for the moon to come closer

how can he kill without mercy
just to dress up like a king

under the makeup his face is flooding
baptiste the clown
says take me home

suffering's not such a blessing
you're everyone and nobody now
the sleepwalker's up on the rooftop waltzing
baptiste the clown
asks himself who am i

torture you - i will only set you free
time is cruel to everyone but you and me
i dream of dying old and broken
but everyday i cut a new cord

Who Is Sylvia

if my hallucination serves me well
the lunatics are running free
hear the rumble, hear the rhythm
the lunatics are running free

if my hallucination serves me well
they've fallen on the knees
at the holy church of trees
the sacrificial rave
the devil knows her name

who is sylvia?
what will she do tonight?

if my seven senses serve me well
they're the new divinity
snakes uncoiling, oceans boiling
they're the new divinity

if my hallucinations serve me well
her glossy purple lips
are double negatives
but will they live to tell
of power chicks from hell

who is sylvia?
what will she do tonight?

Almost There

tonight is the one thing
survived every curse
i'll do anything you want
but you go first
dry grass too dead
blue sky too still
road signs - too demanding
sleepy eyes, one hour more

we're almost there
we're getting further and further away from nowhere
no time to stop and stare
you know we're almost there

Long Walk Home

i don't want to go home
but in reality you never let me stay
hey i'm innocent
still your jealousy eyes always look my way
with wild looks and dark stares
again i start my long walk home

in your arms no room for me
in your heart no vacancy
my lips are not fit for your lips, it's true
but all day as they dream of kissing you
i'm tossing, turning, restless
getting drunk and living reckless
it's true, i'm possessed by you

i can't live without you
but on the other hand you do fine without me
and i'm crazed, always on the brink of insanity
and i weep in my own way
with wild looks and dark stares
again i start my long walk home


black orange white and red
dresses hanging off your bed
from now until you reach your grave
baby i will be your slave

ask for your hand to hold
you know i could never be so bold
i could never be so brave
baby i will be your slave

lying words like overflow
they'll rule your heart - before you know
they'll cover you - from head to toe
they'll never mean a word they say
they just go

i'll bring your mother back to life
i'll bring your father back his sight
back float in a tidal wave
baby i will be your slave

i had a dream of bleeding skies
crippled legs and static eyes
open land and quiet cave
baby i will be your slave

i love you, don't you trust me?
do you love me, like i love you?

i'm broken, lost in misery
but you don't have to worry about me
i have no more soul to save

You're Not The One

you're not the one who hurts me
you're not the one who makes me cry
you're not the one

i spoke too soon, just speaking to you
i spoke too soon, just breathing your name
i spoke too soon

you're not the one

Blue Green

pining for you the nails on the floor
still belong to the sycamore
the swimmer the hero buried in sand
woman can make you into a shell of a man

it's in my culture, it's in my breed
it's in my nature to steal what i need
religiously flaunting what i used to hide
now i do a blood dance and wrestle with my pride

i owe you seven, you owe me one
i'll buy you a drink we'll call it even
how sweet to sit still watch you be born
sweet to do nothing never get bored

blue green envy
after babel we can travel lightly

19-Cent Expatriots

maybe this will bring you solace
maybe this will scratch the surface
in your needing time
what more could you want from me

maybe this will pacify you
maybe this will pass on by you
i have never known
i have only guessed
that it may be you and it may be this

how will you survive on new ground
who will feed you hunger new found
will you run away again

running in and out of desperate
just-to see your heart get bested
in my nervous eye
i'll find a way to see
what will fall apart and what will come to be

I'd Rather Be Lost

i'd rather be lost in a forest
than be found in a grave
we give the high cost to the poorest
and drive on the roads they pave
the garden i will always water
may never grow
the questions i will always wonder
i may never know

statosphere jupiter nuclear wars
i'll see all these on my next vacation
if i save some money
and keep my grades up

the bed in my room has a loose spring
it pokes my back till crack of day
we can't find summer lose spring
forget april march and may
love to see ten nonconformists conform
chances of this are slim
love to see a reactionary react
instead of act on whim

Lady of Guadalupe

i'll wait in your arms
for what
i don't know

Little Star

words and music by Davíd garza