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2009 October 04
Great news. "Me So Twangy" is being re-released this December in a limited edition CD format and on many of the digital download distributors, including iTunes. There's also a Facebook page and a number of Twang Twang Shock a Boom videos on Youtube. In preparation for the re-release, I'm removing the "Me So Twangy" mp3's from the site.

2003 July 20
While I search for a better solution, I've re-uploaded the "Me So Twangy" album.

2003 April 26
As long as I've had this small site, I've never found a perfect way to make Twang's music readily available. Here are the pros and cons of some of the attempts I've tried

Method Pros Cons
mp3's on web site +high speed downloads -limited space means I can't have all songs available at the same time, [I was] never very good at rotating the songs regularly
-regularly exceeded my hosting plan's monthly bandwidth quota (costing me extra $$$)
mp3's on Audio Galaxy +good download speeds
+all songs could be available
-required software download
-Audio Galaxy now defunct
mp3's on Kazaa network +good download speeds
+all songs could be available
-requires software download (software interface somewhat confusing)
-computer has to be connected to Kazaa network for Twang searches to turn up any results
-downloads can use up a lot of bandwidth from hosting computer
mp3's hosted off web server on my computer +full catalog of Twang stuff available -slow download speeds
-only two people can download at a time
-FTP server constantly crashing
mailing cd's full of mp3's +full catalog of Twang songs -no instant downloads

2003 March 26
Now hosting songs via FTP instead on a web server. Much easier to download

2003 March 24
I'm now hosting all the Twang and Dahveed stuff I've got off my own computer. The download speeds won't be as fast, but a much more music will be available. Drop me a line if you have any problems downloading stuff.

2002 June 23
Just took down It's a Twang Thang and Just Say Love. Currently uploading Me So Twangy (by special request).

2002 June 19
Haven't rotated the songs yet this month. Sorry. Since Audiogalaxy is now useless, I've started sharing my Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom collection via KazaaLite. It doesn't have the offline file-queing, or ability to create links to queries that Audiogalaxy did, but it doesn't crash from file-size mismatch errors either. If anyone wants to recommend a better file-sharing method, let me know.

2002 May 5
After entirely missing uploading new songs last month, I'm back (late) with It's a Twang Thang and Just Say Love.

2002 April 29
A little late this month 'eh?

2002 March 2
Albums rotated for the month of March. Me So Twangy and Summer Songs now available for download. All others still available on Audio Galaxy.

2002 February 20
There's a lot of good Twang and David Garza material available for downloading on Audio Galaxy. If you've got the satellite installed, try searches for Twang Twang Shock A Boom or David Garza.

2002 February 4
Bad news: I accidentally deleted my entire website with a misplaced "rm -r *" command. Classic "Doh!" moment.
Good news: I created phpBB powered Fan Forum. Go there now. Connect with other fans. Share your music.

I left my main Twang Twang CD at work, so I'm uploading some live recordings from Rick's Place and Summer Songs 3 into the music section.

2001 September 4
A little promo for David's new album:

Win an Epiphone PL-100 guitar now!
Win a copy of David Garza's latest album, Overdub!
David Garza's on tour!
Check out his tour dates!
Plus. . .listen to tracks from the new album & live performance footage!!

2001 February 8
Me So Twangy lyrics finally added. Big thanks to Brier R. for those.

2000 December 16 seems to have canceled my account. :( The albums I had there will be unavailable until I find somewhere else to host them.

2000 December 10
Uploaded a bunch of music to server space at I'll cross my fingers that the account stays open.

2000 October 5
Summer Songs I added to the music page.

2000 September 25
I've re-uploaded the mp3s at 128kbps (used to be 256kbps), so they will take half as long to download.

2000 May 22
I finally got around to fixing up some of these pages and setting up a forum.

1999 November 12
I reworked this page so its a little more intuitive and posted some more lyrics.

1999 June 19
BONANZA! Thanks to the über-bandwidth of one Rob S.'s cable modem two full albums worth of Garza are back online, you can download them below.

1999 June 12
I'm a big, fat, stupid, stinking liar. It's turning out to be a real pain to upload these songs via modem. In the meantime you can get them from Jason M., who originally sent them to me.

1999 June 4
I'll try to upload a song a day, starting with the song I just uploaded.

1999 June 2
I've just moved into the new server and will be uploading songs in the days to come.

1999 May 22
I've signed up for an account with HostMe which will give me 250MB(!!!) of server space. The account should be activated some time this week. I will upload the songs as fast as I can, but it will take a couple weeks to upload all the songs by modem

1999 May 19
I'm done with college dorm life. Huzah! Consequently, I've lost my fast net connection and do not have the space to host more than a handful of Davíd's songs. :( Below is a list of a few songs I have space for. As a consolation I do have some new lyrics up.

Incidentally, if you know where I can find 100MB+ of storage space for a good price please write.