Summer Songs II


Davíd Garza - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Michael Hale - Drums
Jim Cocke - Organ and Piano
Clay Pendergrass - Bass
Juliana Sheffield - Backing Vocals and Lead on "Boy"
John Bush - Percussion
Carl Finch - Accordion on "Long Walk Home"
Reggie Rueffer - Fiddle on "Far Away Hands"
Mitch Marine - Drums on "Far Away Hands"
Produced by Davíd Garza
Engineered by Terence Slemmons
Mixed by Marty Lester & Davíd
All songs by Davíd Garza, (c)1992

Long Walk Home
Never Still
Only Skin
How Much
Can't Get Along
Fire Love
All Mine
Far Away Hands

Long Walk Home

I, I don't want to go home,
But in reality, you never let me stay.
Hey, I'm innocent;
Still your jealousy eyes always look my way.
With wild looks and dark stares, again I start my long walk home.

In your arms, no room for me,
In your heart, no vacancy,
MY lips are not fit for your lips, it's true but all day i daydream of kissing you

Still I'm tossing and turning, restless
Getting drunk and I'm living reckless
It's true - I'm possessed by you

I, I can't live without you
On the other hand, you do fine without me
Crazed, always on the brink of insanity
I weep in my own way.


(The 1 -35 Song)

Dancing frog on the side of the road - no worry in the world
Playing his trumpet and watching the cars go by
Look there and see the fearless little frog
As he dodges the arrows, laughs at the arrows then
He gets up and dances again on the side of the road

Who said you had the right?
To eat everything in sight?
Who said that you were free to impose your gluttony on me?

Big pink house on the side of the road - 32nd street
Everyone points at it when then are passing by
If I were a burglar I'd break in and play their piano
And drink all their coffee and then leave a tip, just a hop and a skip
From the side of the road

My body greets the things you do
Jealousy is never far
My spirit meets you where you are and follows you

The hungry day eats up the night
The starving wrong eats up the right
Though jealousy is near in sight I swallow you

Old restaurant on the side of the road - generations come and go
Burgers and fries and murders and lies, pecan pies
The waitress must like me cuz she calls me sugar and honey
And refills my water at least 20 times
So I kiss her goodbye on the side of the road


Boy, you don't know
You're unclear on the concept of self -control
Boy, you outta give it up,
Cause you don't know
Boy, what's wrong?
Are you upset about the pace this is dragging along?

All the things you say are not surprising
You're stuck inside the nonsense of assumption
Make an offer, speak it from your heart now
Don't you come crying back to me (I'm not your mother)
When you grow up look me up,
You talk too fast and kiss too carelessly (to be my lover)

Boy, set me free
Always out there in some other world with no regard for me
Boy, You outta give me up
Set me free
Boy, I gotta go now
You know we never had that much in common anyhow...

Never Still

She's never still
Where will I find strength to soothe her?
I lost my will, sold all I had for a dive into her deep dark abyss,
All for a kiss
She always goes away
Just camelt make her stay - never still ...


Pulling time, stretching pulse
Goodbye to my city, goodbye to my house
Taming her wild heart, she scratched at my soul
Goodbye to my family, goodbye to my home

We live in cycles, we breathe in cycles
We congregate, we seperate in cycles

Instead of at your lips, I'm under your thumb
Instead of coming home to rest, I'm always on the run
Will your leather hands to me unfold?
Drinking bathwater you left in my soul
I spend my days searching for the spirit
I spend my nights trying to get near it
We grow more intense, we lose our innocence in cycles

Give me a sign, never cry never talk

Only Skin

make mine the only skin you want to feel inside by side only mine
(after tonight, let's just leave town)
i hear your reverie, your voice is shifting me side to side all the time
we can wold fine lines tremble and spin
i'll be your only skin
we should run away, leave it all behind
we can't stay here and pretend that it's all gonna be fine
throw it all away, leave it all behind
run away
all that i want to do is find us an avenue side by side all the time
we can climb the trees, shake with the wind
i'll be your only skin
nothing's here come with me
with your trust and your fear
you'll always be in this world with me
i lose track of your story 'cause you mumble
i fall short of your glory 'cause i stumble


goodbye to all this anger can't let it stay
it eats me up inside when the powers that be collide
i'm void of all your anger of yesterday
now it's space unoccupied to let the powers that be collide
we're in over our head threatening us with retread (?)
and a fear and a rush inside let the powers that be collide
i can never trust this insecurity all this hostility
rollercoaster withdrawal avalanche of the teardrops fall
i feel dizzy at the end of the ride
but i can't let the powers that be collide
this war is getting bloodier more vicious every day
the weak get brushed aside to let the powers that be collide
no good to stifle passion of yesterday don't live to let it subside
gotta let the powers that be collide
and it's not just lust left over from yesterday
this feelings bonafide when the powers that be collide

How Much

slow while i shed skin answer me this question
how much does your heart beat for me
push me then you pull me tell me baby truly
how much does your heart beat for me
carnival rides and the tunnel of love
why don't let me hold you
on the outside looking in on your love
you're mocking all i've told you
you know i'm not too clever don't make me wait forever
how much does your heart beat for me
i live in anguish i can't speak your language
how much does your heart beat for me
kiss me then you kill me
you never feel guilty
how much does your heart beat for me
merry -go -rounds and the palm reader girl
loveline meets my lifeline
on the outside looking in on your world
i'm waiting for the right time
must you be so cryptic can't you be more specific
how much does your heart beat for me
will you give me real love or do i have to steal love
how much does your heart beat for me
everyday i love you more
slowly falling for you

Can't Get Along

way too much is weighed on these scales of conscience
growing old and bitter like the time we spent together
holding on to nothing really worthy of desire
swept up in the dream of all the promise in the fire
together we're weak but apart we're so strong
it's such a drag that we just can't get along
way too much will fade into colorless conscience
still we build a tower that we know is gonna crumble
still you go on preaching what you know you never practice
but i'm not vain enough to think your world turns on my axis
blink of an eye and you'll be gone
you never know what you ought to know
all you say is gimme gimme gimme
still it breaks your back to forgive me
you're up and i'm down and you're right and i'm wrong
yeah we just can't get along

Fire Love

i surrender
i give up
i can't quench your fire love
go on without me
i'm not strong enough
i give you all i have
but that's still not much to you
on this island of this sinking sand
you're the only one with your feet on the ground
go on without me
but free me from these handcuffs
i can't quench your fire love

All Mine

nothing's all mine
i get my inspiration from you
my loneliness from her
my sickness from god knows who
sometimes when i'm bored
i wish i lived my life everyday
like a character from Garcia -Marquez or Hemingway
self -control is not the answer
i just need you
nothing's all right
there's depression in my brain
hunger in my soul
unemployment in my heart
a little dark cloud filled with sorrow
can be here today and bigger tomorrow
peace of mind is not the answer
i just need you
if i was made in the shade
i'll be destroyed in the sunshine
nothing's all mine
all my knowledge turns to doubting
all my doubting turns to guessing
all my hobbies turn to habits
all my habits turn to obsessions
all my secrets turn to confessions
and heaven is just farther and farther away
all my friends are not the answer
i just need you
if i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth
i'll probably die with a silver knife in my spine
nothing's all mine

Far Away Hands

i am not responsible
i wash my hands of you
i should've known it
when you asked me not to be so serious
lovers flying everywhere
where did all your sweetness go
why I ever trusted you I just don't know
your fa -away-hands
never reach for me, never look my way,
your far-away-hands
folded in your chest
i never second -guessed
your far-away-hands.
tell me all the truth you have
not just what sounds good
i need to know now
i grew up believing every word you said
my rock, my home, my friend, you left me all alone
your far-away-hands
you got longer hair and thicker skin - - why can't we be one
i need to know now
only two things always keep you out of reach
two little magic wands - - you count your blessings on
your far-away-hands